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For detailed information on the history and plans of the Kulturforum, please visit the website of the "Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing":    www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/planen/staedtebau-projekte/kulturforum

The urban master plan for the Kulturforum
2004/2005 a new urban master plan for the Kulturforum was created by the Berlin "Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment" in association with the institutions at the Forum and five architecture offices.

The new plan respects the existing ensemble and the overall planning that started in 1964 by the architect Hans Scharoun. Very important was to take into account Scharoun´s idea of the "urban landscape", what - amongst others - means creating an exciting mix of object-like buildings and urban space. Equally important was to qualify the connection of the Kulturforum to the park "Großer Tiergarten Berlin".
Additional buildings are planned in the master plan but they have to be supplemented carefully in order to even improve the spatial effects of the buildings Neue Nationalgalerie and Philharmonie, both being icons of world architecture.
The use of the buildings is primarily intended to serve cultural purposes. In addition, more space for restaurants and shopping is planned. The historic Matthäikirchplatz and the New Museum Square will be trained in scale and design of its own and concurrently they will be connected with the open space landscape.

In 2009, the open space planning of the masterplan has been revised in order to bring forward the realization of the open spaces regardless of the time schedule for future building plans. The realization of the new open space planning has already begun on the site of the former parking spaces near the Philharmonie-building.

A new Museum for the Kulturforum
In November 2014, the Federal Government of Germany has decided to build another museum on a part of the New Museum Square, the "Museum der Moderne" (which means "Museum of Modern Art"). The new building will complement the New National Gallery. Thus, the art of the 20th century can be fully presented for the first time.
With the help of the new museum building the collection of Modern Art of the the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation can be presented permanently and fully (as well as several donated private collections) for the first time. The realization of the new museum building should be completed by 2020.

  Information on the SPK-website
  Interview with Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters (November 2014, in German language)
  Article in the daily newspaper "Tagesspiegel" (14 November 2014)

Photo with red marking of the New Museum Square at the Kulturforum.
The museum will be located on a part of the New Museum Square.
photo: Philipp Eder, 2014

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